YWAM Carnaval outreach 2016

We just wrapped up our 11th annual Carnaval outreach and as always the outreach did not disappoint. We had 150 people from all over the world join us in Mazatlan for the week long celebration that is Carnaval, where we engage with God and get His heart for the city of Mazatlan. Here are just a few of our highlights from this year.


God can restore a marriage anywhere

One of the most incredible stories that we heard came from a girl named Lily on our January DTS. She was able to pray for a young married couple in the midst of the party of Carnaval and God began to work.

You can read Lily's first hand account by clicking on the link below



Intercession and obedience

During the Carnaval outreach we have evangelism teams, worship teams and intercession teams to name a few. One of the greatest things about the Carnaval outreach is watching how God works His purposes through all of those teams. For example, one of our staff was on the intercession team at the base and around 11:30pm God told her to pray that our evangelism teams inside of Carnaval would be able to get on every stage inside of Carnaval and preach the Gospel. She thought this was kind of a bold or audacious prayer but she felt it was from God so they prayed.

Later that evening the team that was inside of Carnaval doing evangelism came back excited as can be and said that they had the opportunity to get on every stage inside of Carnaval and preached the Gospel. Coincidence? I think not. When they got to talking, the intercession team said that they were praying for that right around 11:30pm and that when the team said they began getting on the stages.

What would have happened if Micah shied away from praying out that prayer or if the team inside was too afraid to get on the stage? For God to be able to move all that was required was obedience from an intercession team at the base and an evangelism team inside of Carnaval.