June YWAM Ships Mazatlan Update

Since the beginning of the year we've jumped in pretty much full-time with the pioneering of YWAM Ships Mazatlan. It has been quite a learning curve as we dive into the world of ship equipped ministry, but God has been so faithful in the process. Here is our latest update in regards to where everything is up to with YWAM Ships Mazatlan.

The M/V Amazing Grace

This is the thing that we need the most prayer for. We've been trying to get the Amazing Grace into one of the Bay Area ship yards for a couple months now. Once we get her in and out of the yard, she'll be on her way to Mexico.


Please pray that we get an appointment this week since many of refit projects need to happen in the following months in order to have the Amazing Grace ready for deployment by December. 


Since the beginning of the year we've added Sebastian, Tyla and Kara to the YWAM Ships Mazatlan team. There is a growing interest in what God is doing with YWAM Ships and we're excited to see how God continues to grow this team of people as we learn & journey together. 


As the team continues to grow we know there is a need to add very specific skills to the team. Pray with us for qualified crew, medical staff, experienced ship equipped ministry staff, etc...


We've seen some tremendous breakthrough in the area of finances, but we have a lot more money to raise in 2016. So far we've seen $17,000 USD donated and another $5,000 USD pledged.


Our goal is to raise $100,000 by the end of 2016 to help prepare the Amazing Grace for service and getting the other aspects of the ministry ready. Pray with us that the money and people that we need to make all of this happen would come our way.