Update from our time in Australia

We just got back from Australia where we attended YWAM Together, a YWAM Ships and University of the Nations gathering where 1,300 people from 73 different nations came together. It was an awesome time where God connected and directed us as a mission. It was also a lot of fun as well as a very strategic time where we were able to meet with a number of people who are currently involved with ship ministries around the world. Here is a quick recap of some of our time at YWAM Together.


The least, the last and the lost

On the first day of the conference, Ken Mulligan from YWAM Townsville and Brett Curtis of YWAM Ships Kona shared about why we use ships in YWAM and the need for it. Brett also gave an update on where we have vessels operating in different parts of the world.

This is the video from the session. If you are interested in YWAM Ships Mazatlan, this will give you the broad strokes of what we are a part of. Ken starts speaking around the 10 minute mark, but there is a clip of Loren talking about how we got started with ships in YWAM at about 4 minutes.


A vision of our future

We had the chance to tour the YWAM PNG which is YWAM Townsville's vessel that operates in Papua New Guinea. It was amazing to get aboard and see it first hand and dream with God about what He has planned for a ship ministry in Mazatlan. The video below was produced by the team at YWAM Townsville and it shows the incredible ministry they have been doing in Papua New Guinea the last few years.


Commissioning night

On the fourth evening of the gathering we had a time of commissioning. First up was the generous gifting of the M/V Pacific Link from YWAM Ships Australia to YWAM Ships Kona. This vessel that has been operating in Papua New Guinea was commissioned to continue in the northern part of PNG. The night continued with Loren and Darlene Cunningham praying for and commissioning all of us who are working with ship equipped ministries around the world. The night finished with the University of the Nations commissioning a number of graduates including our base director Brent, who graduated with an Executive Masters in Leadership. It was an wonderful night, in an incredible setting at the wharf where both the YWAM PNG and Pacific Link are docked.


Connecting with our YWAM family

One of the best parts about the YWAM Together gathering was being able to reconnect with old friends and make new ones. Ikaika saw a bunch of people he hasn't seen for over 10 years and with 1,300 people in attendance we had plenty of opportunity to make new friends. We also had the privilege to spend these two weeks with Dori's parents, which has been an incredible blessing getting to share with them this crazy new adventure we are on. These gatherings are great because you get to hear about what God is doing through YWAM all over the world. It was a lot of fun and extremely strategic at the same time. We did everything you hope to do at an event like this, we heard God together, recharged the batteries, we were inspired, challenged and connected. Now it's off to Kona for the School of Navigation and Seamanship!