The journey begins: Maui, Townsville and Kona

Koa cruising across the harbor in Mazatlan

Koa cruising across the harbor in Mazatlan

On August 15 we're heading to Hawaii with the ultimate goal of being trained to pioneer YWAM Ships Mazatlan, but in order for that to happen, there are a few things we need to do. So here's what our next 5 months looks like. 


The first part of our trip will be spent on Maui with family. We're also going to take that time share about YWAM Ships with as many people as possible. We love our visits to Maui, especially connecting with family and friends. 


Every two years in September YWAM holds an international gathering. This year it's called "YWAM Together" and it is being convened by the University of the Nations and YWAM Ships in Townsville, Australia. As you can imagine, we are especially excited about this years gathering because of the focus on YWAM Ships. We hope to connect with other leaders that run ship equipped ministries and glean from their years of experience. Two years ago, just before we headed out to the Philippines on outreach we attended this conference in Tijuana. It is a very special time just being able to connect with so many YWAMers in one place at one time. This trip is extra special because Dori's parents will be joining us for the conference and after we'll head to Newcastle for a few days so they can see the base where I did my DTS. This is a two week trip and it will be the longest we'll have been away from the kids, so please pray for us, the kids and my mom (who will be with the kids).


As soon as we get back from Townsville, we will be making our way over to Kona, where we'll be attending the School of Navigation and Seamanship with YWAM Ships Kona. During our time in Kona we will be learning the skills to be useful aboard a YWAM Ship and glean from the leadership of a fully operating ship equipped ministry. This is going to be a very strategic time in Kona, where we hope to learn, grow and connect with like minded YWAMers. 

The financial aspect of the next 5 months for us is huge so we would like to ask you to please be praying for us. God has provided for every flight that we need to take, but there is still a good amount that we need to raise for the school fees and related expenses. If you would like to know more about how you can help please click the link below.