Charting our course: Week 2 update from the School of Navigation and Seamanship


This week in the School of Navigation and Seamanship we have learned how to chart a course. It has been a very hands on week using parallel rulers, spreaders and charts. And as fun as all of that is, it has really got us thinking about what God is doing right now with us and YWAM Ships Mazatlan. Together with the Ebio's and all of YWAM Mazatlan, we are charting out a course for a ship equipped ministry in Mexico and beyond. So here are a couple of things that God has highlighted this week through our navigation training.

True north

On a navigational chart you often will find a compass rose that points to true north and one that points to magnetic north. The lines of longitude go from the north to south poles, where they end up north is what true north is based on. If you have a compass it does not point to true north, it points to magnetic north, which is a place up north where there is a whole bunch of iron ore that attracts a compass and seems to move slightly each year. This week we learned a formula to find our bearing and it starts with true north. In our process the starting point or our true north is the word of the Lord. Without it we are nothing and we have nothing. Just like in navigation if we have our true north or the word of the Lord we can figure everything else out. Sure there are things like variance, magnetic north and deviation that we have to figure out, but God will help us figure it out. We need something we can hang our hat on and that has to be the word of the Lord and being in the center of God's will.


Synergy is defined as "the interaction or cooperation of two or more organizations, substances, or other agents to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects."

The idea of synergy is something that has become so clear to us as we have gone out to sail. Just to get a boat to sail requires an enormous amount of synergy. There are so many separate things that have to happen in all perfect timing to successfully sail. For example you have to take into account the wind direction and speed, but then you have someone at the helm, on the jib sheets and main sail. If all those things are not working together your sail will start to luff and you will end up in irons, unable to sail.

And just as we have learned the importance of having synergy while sailing, we are also loving the opportunity we have to be with the Ebio family who own the M/V Amazing Grace and are helping us pioneer YWAM Ships Mazatlan. It has been one of best things so far, getting to be in the same place taking advantage of every moment we have together. From sitting around the dinner table dreaming up ideas to sitting with Captain Ann or other leaders here, we are learning so much and so excited for this time we have together to hear God for each next step. 


So far we have learned so much and it has been an incredible time of connecting with so many different people who have a wealth of experience and wisdom. The boys are loving their school and enjoying the perks of an ocean & pool right at their door step. Stay tuned and connect into the story of YWAM Ships Mazatlan, God is charting our course and you don't want to miss it!