Homes of hope build with the family

At the end of June, Dori's sister Callie & her husband Michael brought a team down from their church in Dalton, Georgia to build a home with our Homes of Hope ministry. It was an incredibly impacting time for all who were involved, but this story really begins in January of 2012. It was then that Callie had her first Homes of hope build experience. Our church in Indy brought a team down to build and on that team were Dori's parents, Callie, her brothers Josh and Seth. It was an experience where, one family was able to bless another family.

Two years later, Callie was back in Mazatlan with a team made up different families from the church where her husband leads worship. As we got to know the team it was interesting to see who was there and who was related to who. You had Barry and Gail, who also came with their daughter Jenn and granddaughter Corban. Then there was Chris and Anna and their three kids as well the mother daughter duo of Hollie & Debbie. From there we had Phil and Gloria and of course Callie & Michael. All of these people go to the same church, some knew each other and some didn't, but this trip united these families together for the purpose of going to Mexico to bless another family in need.

One of the aspects of the Homes of hope ministry that I appreciate so much is how it can bring strangers together with the common goal of blessing a family in need. And as we go through the process of pouring out our time, money, energy and lots of sweat, we walk away as a family with memories that we will never forget. We may not personally be out on every build ourselves, but just being a part of this ministry and knowing how families in Mazatlan as well as the teams who come down are being blessed... it keeps us motivated to continue to do what we do.

If you've ever wanted to do something like this, click on the link below and find out more about Homes of hope and how you can be a part of what God is doing in Mazatlan.