90 seconds in Guatemala

This month I had the opportunity to go to Guatemala and visit one of our DTS outreach teams that were there. The visit is one that someone from the leadership team of the base makes to every one of our outreach teams. Since we were already in Mexico City for a friends wedding it was just a two hour flight to Guatemala City. The trip itself was a bit of an adventure, I had made some assumptions about how easy it would be to get a hold of the outreach leader once I made it to Guatemala, but I struck out majorly on that one, so after taking a five hour bus from Guatemala City to Puerto Barrios, I found myself sitting out in the rain with no way of getting in touch with our team. Eventually, I made my way to a hotel where I was able to get online to get the phone number and then used a payphone to call our contact. On the way back home from Puerto Barrios, I left my phone in our contacts car and ended up having to wait in downtown Guatemala for a number of hours hoping the next bus driver would show up with it.

I loved my time in Guatemala, I was so encouraged by our team who was there and their passion for the Lord and for prayer and evangelism. Everywhere we went these guys went all out, praying with every person they came across. They turned every delay into an opportunity to find someone else to pray and share with. The time was short, but inspiring and encouraging. I am so proud of this team and the leaders who have been with them since the start of their DTS.

Although the primary purpose of this trip was to see how the team was going, I took some camera gear along to document a bit of the outreach. This video is 90 seconds in Guatemala and my intention is to give you an overview of what I saw in our team while I was there. Enjoy!