It's just the beginning

Last week Jeff Rogers from YWAM Kona kicked off the DTS, speaking on Creating with God.  Jeff is a part of a media advocacy ministry based out of YWAM Kona called A Voice for the Voiceless. The students heard stories of how God speaks and how He wants to partner with us in intercession. As well as speaking on the DTS, Jeff also trained our Media DTS students. Along with Jeff, a guy named Paulo who works for Grassroots News International and the Voice for the Voiceless Global Track came along and helped Jeff train our Media DTS students. It was an incredible week both in the DTS lectures and the Media DTS training. Having all these people around to mix it up with our students was such a blessing and we're so grateful that they were all able to be with us.

Check out this video called Dear Panama, a documentary produced by one of Jeff's Voice for the Voiceless DTS outreach teams. This shows the potential of what God can do through people who are willing to be led by Him. This documentary was an integral part of seeing an adoption law changed in Panama.