A quick trip to the big cities

panama-team About halfway through the outreach of every DTS we run here at YWAM Mazatlan, we send a member of our eldership team to visit the team. This month Ikaika had the opportunity to visit our teams in Mexico City and Panama City. The primary reason for the visit is to support our outreach leaders and help them navigate through different situations, but you also just get to observe our staff and students in action. While I was on my trip I had a few really proud moments. One night in Panama we were at the welcome dinner for the Panama DTS and after dinner during our time of worship I watched as our DTS students prayed for and encouraged this new DTS. What impacted me the most was our students were in that same spot just four months ago, and as I watched I felt to some degree like a proud father. You hope that you were a blessing to the team that you went to visit, but at the end of the day the thing that made the trip for me was to see the growth in our guys and to know that we are able to help make difference in the lives of these young people.